The Street Fighting Man #1

Space Cowboy & the Triumphanteers #1


Grand Adventure #1

Welcome, one and all, to GRANDWAY COMICS—the 21st Century’s latest & greatest presenters of four-color Comic-Fantasy! Strap on your jetpack and ride with us into an All-New Universe of Thrills, Danger, Fun & Spectacle where Super Adventurers do battle with Super Menaces, Monsters & Enemies of justice!  We’re happy to have you along for the launch of these all-new comic chronicles of Good vs. Evil, Fantastic Powers & colorful Super-Action and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy making them!  Dear patrons of Escapist-Melodramatic-Wonder everywhere—We salute you!



SPACE COWBOY’s arch-nemesis BABYHEAD has compiled a criminal cabal of SUPER-ENEMIES (3-FACE, MEW-MAN, ACTIONGIRL & RIFF RAFF) to thwart the cosmic lawman and his heroic team of SUPER-ADVENTURERS, the mighty TRIUMPHANTEERS (MICRO-WOMAN, MEGA-GIRL, JUNGLEMAN & SCUBAMAN)! What is the SECRET of the lost SUPER-WEAPON Babyhead has discovered beneath Grandway Harbour? WILL Mega-Girl pass her exam on Advanced Calculus Theory? WHAT lies at the heart of Space Cowboy’s cryptic NIGHTMARES? Will Grandway City EVER be the same???




THE STREET FIGHTING MAN surfaces in Grandway City--and in the middle of a COMMUNITY WARZONE! The FUGITIVE SUPER-ADVENTURER soon learns he must protect his new neighbors from a ruthless street gang--a gang in league with an awesome, ALL-POWERFUL satanic force! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!



Fun & Fantasy x 2! 2 young heroes & 2 stories in 1 FANTASTIC book! The mighty LAZERBOY does fierce battle with the diabolical man-monster, RO-BUSTO! --and the wily WILD GIRL fights for her life with a hostile stranger from SPACE!



“My artwork is born of Saturday Morning Cartoons, particularly the Super Friends (the earliest subjects I can remember drawing) and the art of Comic Book giants Jack Kirby, John Romita & John Buscema, as well as Ross Andru, Curt Swan and Dick Dillin--And I’ve always enjoyed the adventures of such inspiring heroes as the Six Million Dollar Man, (Christopher Reeve’s) Superman, and (Clayton Moore’s) the Lone Ranger.“

“I’d also like to mention, I’ve had a fantastic time working with everyone on these books!“


Music, tv, and a mellow saloon--



Derek has honed his skills over the past two decades working in the animation industry--Mainly as a Story-Artist but also Designer, Animator, Layout Artist and most recently, Director. 

“From an early age, I could be found in front of the TV-set, engrossed in dramatic action-laced cartoon shows such as Battle of the Planets, Astroboy, The Mighty Hercules and many more came after. The good guys were good and the bad guys were bad and when they clashed, boy was it epic. Toys and heroic figures we’re absolute and the spirit of the day for me was ‘the heroes journey’--conveying ideas of strength, self-empowerment and righteousness--It was great!  For me, Grandway Comics is the sum total of all that enjoyment.”


Human potential, not worrying, comic art, my family.  


Blackee Lawless - Vice President, Public Relations Specialist

Blackee can be a stern taskmaster but we love him anyway!  When he’s not sneaking drinks from the toilet bowl, he can usually be found on the couch--dreaming up the latest ish!


Tuna fish, belly-rubs, and gameshows.



Adam Hall - Illustrator/Painter

“Knowing is half the battle.”- likely every G.I. Joe team member.

Adam’s art and animation interest was sparked as a kid discovering re-runs of vintage Warner Bros cartoons (with 1946 to 1954-ish his favorite period). He went to Sheridan College studying Classical Animation and has worked primarily in Production Design and Background Painting. When time permits, can be found traditionally painting in acrylic, oil and (with a slight bias towards) watercolour.


Design, music, playing guitar, history, board games, LEGO, travel, countless other things and of course…painting!

Rick Laffin - Colorist

Rick has a broad animation background, having worked as a Colorist, Clean-up Artist and Location Designer.


Watching documentaries, painting, and last but not least--playing guitar.

Favorite music:  Neil Young, Tom Petty, Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, etc.

Dave Howlett - Letterer

Dave’s the Manager at Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities in Halifax NS, Artist on the LAST PAPER ROUTE(written by Sean Jordan & Alex Kennedy),  Writer & Artist of SCENESTER and SLAM-A-RAMA, Co-Host of the LIVING BETWEEN WEDNESDAYS Comic Podcast(with Rachelle Gougen).


Reading comics of all eras, movies(with an emphasis lately on 1990’s action movies), collecting vinyl soundtracks and paperback movie novelizations of the 70’s and 80’s, binge-watching classic TV shows like MIAMI VICE, MAGNUM P.I., and THE ROCKFORD FILES. 

Rebecca Ryan - Grandway Correspondent

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” –Winnie the Pooh

Rebecca is an Actress, Piano Teacher, and Student at Saint Mary’s University(Halifax, NS; Also a former Ultimate Frisbee Provincial Junior team member(Canadian Ultimate Frisbee Championships 2017) & Halifax Ultimate recreational leaguer.


“I started playing piano at age 4, and have picked up ukulele, guitar, and various other instruments over the years.”

Favourite band: Panic! At The Disco.

“I have always had a love for movies, since as long as I can remember. As I got older, I got very interested in how movies are created, so I started taking various courses about everything from directing, to screenwriting, to lighting, to editing. It is such an incredible industry and there is so much to learn! I started acting when I was 13 years old, and have loved it ever since. It has given me incredible opportunities over the years and I am excited to see what the future brings!”

Tom Nagillah - Motion Graphics & VisualFX

“Choose your destiny.”

Tom’s been busy working as a Lighter and Compositor in tv for the last 5 years.  “I grew up being influenced on some 70’s, but mainly 80's and 90's cartoons and anime on the East Coast of Africa.  Having made the east coast of Canada my home for over a decade, I continue to channel my original influences merged with new experiences on my creative journey.”


SciFi and superhero movies & classic anime, retro & fighting game enthusiast, live DJ sets & music events, travel.


Jason Mingo - Music Producer

Jason Mingo is a Record Producer, Songwriter, Musician, and film & tv Composer.  His songs/productions have appeared on a major label and independent albums, in movies, and on television shows for NBC, ABC, A&E, HISTORY, MTV, CBS, Amazon, CBC, CTV.


Family, Music, TV


Joshua Young - Video Editor/Filmmaker

“Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” –Bugs Bunny

Starting from humble roots in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joshua has worked as a filmmaker (which includes screenwriter, director, video editor) for national and international clients for over fifteen years. His adventures began as a filmmaker for the cruise lines, directing shoots in exotic locations worldwide! All-the-while continuing his passion in screenwriting and directing. Although he can’t stop video editing, it’s in his blood, he’s moving more towards screenwriting and directing full-time. To date several of his scripts have landed in the top 40 out of thousands of scripts in some of Hollywood’s top screenwriting competitions. For more, head to


Singing, Scuba Diving, Marathon Running, Writing, Drawing (badly), Roadtrips, Sushi.


Geri Bertolo - Toy Development

“Trust me…”

Geri’s an animation Series Director, Filmmaker, daydreamer and Action Figure enthusiast!


Star Wars, classic Rock N’ Roll!, TOYS!!!, classic animated series & films, SciFi films, classic comic books, muscle cars, classic anime, Gil Elvgren art, most anything from the 1970’s, baby!  “I love anything made with heart and SOUL!  The 70’s was a VERY magical time for me, and I just can’t stop looking back to that era of greatness.”


Nick Bolger - Web Development

Nick started out getting a degree in Visual Arts, and worked as a designer for a while before going back to school for programming. He worked at a number of start-ups, and currently works for Redspace, a large development company in Bedford.